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1st Year Blogging Stats

I wanted to have this post up earlier, and the giveaways starting earlier but due to the recent storms here in Tennessee and surrounding states, I'm behind on my posts.
I hope that if any of you live in the affected areas you and your families are safe!
It was a very frightening night here in our household. Probably the most frightening of my life but we are very blessed to have minimal damage here.

The blogoversary giveaways will start on Monday. So far I have 10 planned and they will be posted daily for a few weeks.

I did want to list a few blog stats for my first year! I think it's fun to see how the years will stack up.: )

Blog Posts 500! (as of today) WOOT! 84 Book Reviews 107 Author posts (Interviews, Guest Posts, etc.) Close to 104,000 blog hits!
Thank you all for all your support throughout this year. Feel free to leave comments on the things you liked/didn't like that I have had on the blog. I'm open to all suggestions if you'd like things switched up this year.: ) I love hearing from the readers and I want you all to enjoy what you find on my blog.


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