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It Sure is Quiet Around Here…

Hey everyone. Sorry for my epic lack of posts. It is finals week for me. Hooray. *sarcasm* This is currently me (above) as I type up my 40 page paper for my Child and Adolescent Development course that is due by Sunday.

Some of you may know my school journey… because it seems to never end!! However, after Sunday I will only have 1 course to go on my path to having a Master's Degree in Psychology.

I will be a PRO-fessional, just like this…

My next class starts in 3 weeks and then I'll have a Research Thesis course where we just spend 10 weeks writing a bazillion pages for a thesis paper. Joy. Can't wait.

Next week I should be back on track. I have lots of great posts coming up (including another ARC/Book giveaway).

Thanks everyone! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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