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Author Question #2

2. What are some of the favorite features you see bloggers do?

I really enjoy a chance to interact with book people. I was even invited to do a live chat in Spanish! Another thing I've been grateful for is the chance to donate books to charity auctions and literacy campaigns. We all love books, stories, movies, and talking about the arts. I like hearing about new books to read, which I get from bloggers. — Nancy Holder

Contests and giveaways are great, of course, especially when I get the opportunity to share my books. I’ll often peek at the IMM’s and WoWs just to see what bloggers are getting and what they’re looking forward to. I really enjoy discussions, though. Whether it’s about covers or characters or whatever, it’s fun to see two or more bloggers go back and forth on a particular topic. It doesn’t matter if they agree or disagree with each other, I just enjoy the conversation. It’s like being a fly on the wall of a kitchen where two reader friends talk about what they just read, a character they hate or love, a plot twist that really threw them, comparing books, etc. I would love to be able to sit in on these conversations that go on all over the world at any given time. They’re fun and I learn a lot as a writer. I’d love to see these done more often on the blogs. — Kristie Cook

As an author I do interviews for a lot of blogs. It can be difficult to come up with new and interesting answers. I adore those bloggers who ask me off-the-wall ones, they make me work for it (LOL).
I also like blogging as one of my characters. Again, it’s something different and fun. And my characters get to chance to “show off.” — Jana Oliver

The Challenges are cool. Of course, I love the Historical Fiction Challenge. The In My Mailbox meme is exciting – it has that ‘new car’ feel to it. I love when a great idea catches fire, and you see — Julie Chibbaro

Oh, wow, that is so hard. I would have to say that I love character interviews. I also love traditional reviews, though. There's nothing more satisfying than reading how a book emotionally impacts a reader in his or her own words. — Janenifer DeLucy

What especially impresses me is when bloggers do something off the beaten track, or generate deeper discussions about books and other YA topics. Creative and interactive posts are always fun, and I’ll confess… it never fails to make my day when I see someone’s “Waiting on Wednesday” featuring one of my books.: ) — Holly Cupala

I love interviews, especially the ones that really go in depth about writing or books, something more than just"Where did you get the idea for this novel?" I also am rather fond of the"Waiting on Wednesday" meme--I've found several new books that way. — Beth Revis

Bloggers do so many wonderful features. “Waiting on Wednesday” and similar features are great, because they spread the word about upcoming titles. Interviews and guest posts are also fantastic, as they give authors an opportunity to discuss their novels and to share their thoughts with readers. I have seen so many other fun and informative features that I have enjoyed, too. I’m quite impressed with bloggers’ insightfulness and creativity! — Lorraine Zago Rosenthal

There are so many fun aspects of books that bloggers have picked up on, making it difficult for me to choose. I love cover art, and I love the mailbag segments that you do where you show off what's come in the mail. As much as I like reviews of specific books, I like to hear from bloggers about how how they feel about common elements in many of today's popular books. Reading thoughts on what makes a good love triangle, villain, or fantasy world would be fun. One thing I would like that I don't think I've ever seen anyone do would be to choose a short excerpt from a book and describe why you like it. Doing some close reading in the way would be a nice way to think deeply about a book. — Jason Letts

The blog hops, waiting on wednesday, in my mailbox come to mind. — Brenda Pandos

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