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Blogger Question #1 — Part 3

1. Why did you originally start blogging? Has that reason changed any as time has progressed?

ISALYS: Originally, I thought it was just a cool way to learn more about books and maybe get my sticky fingers on a few free ones. However, in the near 2 years that we've been blogging, it has gone wayyyy beyond that. Free books are now just one of the many, MANY joys of blogging. It has truly grown into a labor of love. Blogging has expanded my reading horizons by introducing me to genres and authors that I may otherwise never have known about. It's given me an outlet to be able to share my love of reading with others and help expand other people's reading horizons as well. I've met some incredibly kind & talented people that, although I've never met in person, I consider friends. And although Vanessa & I were BFF's when we started blogging, it's been really great having something that we can share & do together.

VANESSA: I started blogging b/c it just seemed like such a cool thing to do! I couldn't believe I could have my own little place in the cyber world dedicated to talking about books! Who better else to have this site with than my own bestie? Thanks to this little site, I've made a ton of new friends who share my same passion and have met some wonderful authors. My experiences have been amazing and they just keep getting better! — Isalys & Vanessa at Book Soulmates
I started blogging because I wanted to pay it forward. Those first few blogs I had come across brought so many new books and authors to me, I wanted to spread the word about books and share my love for reading with anyone I could reach. It took me awhile to get my blog going but once I did and I met people within the blogging community, I knew I wanted to be part of things. I know my blog still needs a lot of work. There’s always room for growth, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to share a book or author with someone new or even talk about books. My reasons have changed a bit overtime, but at the core of things it’s still and will always be about sharing books with people – new and old. — Lisa at A Life Bound by Books
Four years ago, I just sold my house and was temporarily living in the basement of my mother-in-law's over the winter. Blogging gave me something else to focus on. I didn't know anything about blogging or what a blog was until my book club buddy Stephanie said she started one. I thought,"Hey that sounds like fun!" — Chris at Chrisbookaram
I first started blogging on myspace as a way to connect with other readers and as a librarian to hook teens from my library. I moved to blogger in October of 2008 and have been blogging ever since. I blog regularly, every week day instead of a few times a week. — Janenifer at YA Book Nerd
I started blogging because no one in my real life likes reading as much I do. I needed somewhere to talk about the books that I read and loved. So my blog was born. And I still love going on and on about the books I love, so no, the reason has not changed. — Jessica at The Firefly Book Loft I originally started blogging to promote our Parental Book Reviews website. Yes, that has changed a lot. Now I blog because I love the community, the people I blog with, the authors and most especially the amazing books I get to read. — Andye from Reading Teen
I originally started blogging out of bordem. I had a severe knee injury 7 months ago and was holed up in my room a lot. I thought blogging about random events in my life would be fun. Little did I know that it would become so much more than that. My blog is centered around books and reviews now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah, it’s been fun, but I love being able to share my passion of reading with others. — Katelyn at Kayelyn’s Blog
I originally started my review blog because I wanted a way to keep track of what I was reading and to look back to see what I had really thought about a book right after reading it. Soon after creating it, I realized how many other readers were out there and it really changed my life and perspective. Now I blog because I love sharing anything and everything about literature with others; my followers and fellow bloggers have really come to feel like family to me. — Emma at Emma Michaels
I originally started blogging so that I could share my thoughts. In the offline world, I'm a homebody who rarely goes out and I really don't have any close friends. My blog is the place where I can be myself, share my thoughts, and truly be"me". — Theresa at Fade Into Fantasy
I originally started blogging to get my name out there… in hopes that, when I become an author, people would already know my name. It's changed a little over
time. I still want my name out there, but I also blog as a way of journaling and also to share books I've enjoyed with other readers. — Raenice at Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Publication
The main reason I started my book blog was because out of my large group of friends only one or two actually read and even that is rare. After reading a book I love to share my thoughts and opinions with others and my blog gives me that opportunity. Blogging for me seemed like great fun before I started and I wanted to take the next step in my whole reading obsession. Also blogging seemed like a great way to communicate with people who share my interest and obsession. — Kayleigh at OnceUponABookNerd
I first started blogging after I’d stumbled across some other YA book blogs, was using them to get reading suggestions, and thought to myself, “Hey, I could do that!” I liked the idea of sharing my thoughts on books I read with others, and that’s still the case. — Danya at A Tapestry of Words
I started blogging so that I could talk about things I love. Since I'm homeschooled I don't really talk much to people my own age (other than my brother… but we argue more than talk) and I've never been the best at talking because I'm a bit introverted. I went into blogging just wanting some people that I could talk to about writing and reading and movies and music. I don't think my reason has changed so much as now that I have people I can talk to, I've changed a bit. Blogging isn't just sharing the things that I love it's also my outlet. — Khadija at Black Fingernail Reviews
I started my little blog as an offshoot of my reading journal. I didn’t actually expect anyone to read it or even to know it was there. I almost had a coronary when I got my first comment and probably had a slight one when I got my first review book offer. I don’t think my reason for blogging has changed much—as I don’t use my reading journal anymore—but blogging has changed my reading tastes quite a bit. I was a strict literary fiction/classics reader before I started blogging but now I am all about the YA and romance. — Grace at Books Like Breathing
I starting blogging as I got more into writing and started to take that more seriously and to develop a web presence for myself. At the same time I branched out into other forms of social media such as Twitter (and I've just discovered Goodreads). Over time I have expanded my blog topics to include my day job and profession and have signed up to review products (and books) relevant to me and my life. — Kirsty from Kirstyes
I always read blogs but never had time to blog since I was in Grad school. Once I finished, I decided to start my own. I just thought it would be fun and, being a school librarian, a great way to share what I was reading. — Michelle at Hooked on Books
I originally started blogging to try and keep track of the reading challenges I decided to try. But, I found Goodreads and it was easier to keep track there, so blogging feel to the side. But the more time I spent on Goodreads, the more it irritated me that I couldn't remember if I read a book or not, details about the plot, and generally if I liked it. Plus, I enjoy talking about books and in real life, not the many people love to read as much as I do. — Page at One Book at a Time
I created my blog, Inky Fresh Press, in 2009 to connect with other writers, improve my writing skills, and gain exposure. Now I am more focused on putting the spotlight on other writers, but still blog for the same reasons. — Bridgid at Inky Fresh Press
I started book blogging because I love to read and not a lot of my friends who live close read as much as I do. I started finding book blogs that were amazing and I loved reading them. I always wanted to talk with people about books and bookish things, so I thought,"Why not blog?". Now I blog because I truly enjoy it. I'm starting to become more serious about it and it is a really nice change. — Kaitlyn at Kaitlyn in Bookland
I started blogging because ever since I was little, I loved books. Not the thick kind that I read now, but the usual Junie B. Jones and Goosebumps series. Eventually I knew what kind of books to look for (age appropriate), what were the kind of books that I would enjoy. I recommend books to all my friends, they read them and loved them. Then other people started coming to me to recommend books that are good for them. I loved the feeling I got when people came to me after they finished the book with a satisfied smile on their face. So one day I discovered Goodreads, and I started reviewing books there. Eventually I found about blogging and I was hooked. I now recommend books outside and inside the blogosphere. I don't think the reason for me blogging has changed, and I hope it never does. — Alex at More Than Just a Book
I started blogging because I wanted to share my enjoyment and excitement of reading and books with others. I also want to encourage the importance of literacy in young readers and to bring to their attention great books for their age group.
-JL at An Avid Reader's Musings
Originally I started blogging because I always had this passion, this hobby and no one understood it; I had no one to share it with. Never would I have thought all those years back that I could turn to someone and gush about a certain book I was in love with. As long as my passion for books will remain so will my reason to blog, but there is another reason now. It’s like a second home to me. Something I look forward to coming home to after a long day of college.When I feel upset, happy or unwell I turn to blogging. Blogging is almost therapeutic for me; it feels wonderful and so right. There is so much I feel for blogging, much more than I could have ever imagined before joining. It takes a big chunk of my time, yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. And I mean it. — Aly at Fantasy4eva

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Blogger Question #1 — Part 3 {TIME}