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Blogger Question #2 — Part 1

Are you ever surprised by the large book community bloggers are apart of? What part of that do you enjoy the most?

I think its amazing! I have met so many great bloggers and authors because of this community. — Yara at Once Upon a Twilight
Yes! Like wow, it's pretty crazy now, there's so many bloggers out there. I like discovering new blogs, especially discovering bloggers who have the same taste (like, Melina Marchetta-worship). Then it leads to a bit of blog-stalk, then blog-love, then blogger-stalk, then blogger-love. Then I *hopefully* have a new internet friend xD — Audrey at holes In My brain
Yes! I had no idea going into this, that there were so many book blogs out there. My favorite part is talking to everyone. Some of the people I talk to on a daily basis are book bloggers who live on the other side of the country. I consider them friends. Is that weird?: p — Amanda, Another Book Junkie
Yes I am I'm more surprised at some of the ages because in school I was always the bookworm and almost no one else was so its nice to see that I'm not the only one in or around my age who reads. I enjoy reading the reviews the most I love getting other peoples opions on books before I read them or even just because its nice to see what someone says about a book — Kate at Ghost of the still
The book blogger community is HUGE! I love it! I have made so many new friends it is unreal. It is so fun to be able to talk about books and have people understand what you are talking about! People in my everyday life thing I am a nut when I gush continuously about a book, but other bloggers with gush right along with me! — Missy at Two Readers Reviews

Over the years I've noticed the growing population of book bloggers and it doesn't surprise me because the books that have been written lately have been spectacular. I enjoy the most getting to know fellow bloggers who have the same genre interest as I do, then I have someone who gets excited about those particular books like me. Also because with more bloggers, more and different books are promoted that I might not of heard of and now I'll find out about them,
- Kristen at Seeing Night Reviews
It always surprises me by the number of bloggers are in the book community. I always enjoy talking to fellow bloggers about anything really. It's always fun to make new friends. — Darla at DforDarla's Definite Reads
I was actually very surprised when I started blogging to find so many book lovers like me! What surprised me even more was the amount of people signing-up to read my ramblings lol I really love the community and I actually met someone from my area through blogging and I'm very thankful for it =) — Tynga at Tynga's Review

Heck yeah! I’m amazed every day! It’s a never ending supply of book bloggers! I most enjoy finding bloggers that share similar tastes in books! I have quite the list of blogs that I follow and I know I’m not even skimming the blogosphere surface!
- Jane at At Random

I was at first, but I have learned that book bloggers stick together and seem to be great people who get along fanastically. Of course, I've run into a few people who weren't nice or who only associate with other bloggers that are extremely successful (tons of followers, etc) or authors only. But I've made tons of friends through my blog and the community and I've been very happy ever since.
- Aimee at Coffee Table Press
Occasional enmity really surprises me--like that recent brouhaha about
the"YA Mafia". But the best part of this community is when you find
someone who loves a book that you love too--you almost don't have to
use words to express that love because they've internalized the
material just like you did! — Alethea at Read Now Sleep Later

When I first started out I never imagined there were so many book bloggers. I became a little disheartened to realize that this would make attracting readers even more difficult, which is something I'm still struggling with. The fantastic thing about the community is the plethora of books I learn about on a daily basis. I always have dozens of books at a time that I'm excited to read, and that is thanks to the amazing blogs out there. — Jessica at Brief Book Reviews
I love that so many people are out there blogging about books!!! I am part of a community of book lovers and being able to share that love, discover new books and authors, and write about it, are all things that I enjoy. — Shirley at My Bookshelf
I love the sharing that happens! People are so friendly! — Jill at The O.W.L
I'm happily surprised by how many people there are taking an active interest in reading, but I think it's even more surprising how insular the community is as well. The thing that I enjoy the most about the book blogging community is how, for the most part, everyone is so supportive and kind. — Ashley at Book Labyrinth
Not surprised, but definitely impressed. I enjoy getting to meet new people, since I'm so freaking bad at that in real life, so getting to meet so many people with so much in common is pretty novel for me, if you'll excuse the pun. I also like seeing just what book-lovers can do when they put their minds and heart together, like awareness that can be raised and the support given in times of crisis. We start off as common bibliophiles, and in the end, we're a bunch of friends. It's pretty cool. — Ria at Bibliotropic
Yes, I was very surprised by the size of the book community, but sometimes now when I read a book's praise quotes in the front I'm like"Hey, I know that person!" or"I've visited their blog before!" It's very cool. And everybody's super nice. I love how we're just so tight *raises crossed fingers* with authors and their books. — Lucia at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books
There are so many friendly people that I've gotten to know. Everyone is always willing to help others. My favorite part would most likely be twitter. People are on at all times of the day and night talking about what they are reading and what they like about the book they are reading. — Rie at Mission to Read
Going into it, I had no idea that there were so many book bloggers out there! I'm constant amazed by the lovely, supportive community that has been formed by the shared love of books, it's truly amazing and I am proud to count myself in as a member of it! I most enjoy the friendships that spring up over a twitter conversation or a comment left somewhere, I have made some great friends this way. — Lisa at BaffledBooks
Always. It transcends age, location and book preferences. Right now I'm looking forward to the BEA so that I can meet some of these great people in person. — Rhiannon at The Diary of a Bookworm
I was very surprised when I started blogging to see how big the book blogging community was and how friendly too. I love that when you ask for advice from other book bloggers they're extremely gracious and just want to help you out. I think I enjoy that most about blogging, it's not about who reads the most books or who gets the most ARCs, it's about the love of reading, and that's something that we all share. — Ambur at Burning.x.Impossibly.x. Bright
It was definitely surprising at first because I had never known about the community and than the next day there were a bunch of bloggers that I found. I enjoy talking to fellow bloggers because everyone is so nice and we all have the same goal in mind: getting the word about books out. — Katie at Books are Dreams
I am surprised that the community IS so large. I love meeting people that share the same love for books as me. — Kate at I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read!
I am always surprised by the size of the book blogging community. I have a number of blogs that I follow and visit regularly but every so often I stumble across a new blog that I had no idea even existed. The part I enjoy the most about the book blogging community is how friendly everyone is. There is always someone out there ready to help even if they don't really know you. I have yet to come across a book blogger that was mean to me. — Emilie at Emilie Book World
I'm not really surprised at the size of the book community bloggers take part in. Readers love to share good books they've discovered. Blogs and Twitter have made it even easier for like-minded book fiends to connect. — Kim at Fresh Fish and Foolishness
Absolutely! I am very impressed with all of the connections! How cool is it that people who love books can get together so easily! I love the Memes that people do. I haven't done any of my blog, due to some inconsistencies in the past. But I'd love to get started! They are fun to read. I also love giveaway hops! I think they are so clever and it's like a book-lover's Christmas. — Jackie at Teen Book Guide

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