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Blogger Question #2 — Part 2

Are you ever surprised by the large book community bloggers are apart of? What part of that do you enjoy the most?

I don't think I'm really surprised that there are so many people that want to share their love of books. I really like that there are now so many other people I can look to for book recommendations!
- Kayla at Midnight Twilight's Book Blog
Books bring people together; I think that's one of the reasons I love them. Even though reading is a solitary activity, it inadvertently creates a community. I've made some good friends within the community, and it's just a lot of fun to talk to everybody. — Nicole at WORD for Teens
When I first started blogging I had no idea that there was such a large community of book bloggers. I had read a few blogs but that was it. I really didn't look in to it much! It was really overwhelming when I first realized how many bloggers were out there. I've loved getting to know people on twitter and at author events. It's so great to know others who get my obsession! — Heidi at YA Bibliophile
The book community is truly amazing to me. Every time I start to lose my faith in humanity, I can turn to them and they reaffirm how wonderful people can truly be. My favorite part of this amazing group is being able to share the worlds we read about and the discussions we can all have about them. There is nothing better than a good book and good people to share it with! — Kelli at Scarlett's Scraps
Yes, the number of book community bloggers often amazes me. I love looking through their reviews to find new books, and seeing the range of opinions about books I've loved. — Abigailann at The Story Factory Reading Zone
Yes! There's so many out there and so many that I don't know about, it's a lot of fun and they're all very supportive at least most of the ones I've talked to. I love that I met some really great friends through the blogging community and we have a lot of things in common. — Cynthia at A Blog about Nothing
Yes I am surprised I didn't realise how many bloggers there were to start of and that the community stretches around the world from the UK, to Austrailia to the US and place I have never even heard off. The part I enjoy the most is talking other bloggers and sharing are excitment of books that are out soon and being able to particpate in each other blog in some way either leaving a comment on a great post or even doing a guest post. — Megan at Reading Away the Days
I love the community that we are all a part of and proud to be part of it. I would have to say my favorite part of this community is the support system thats out there. How bloggers will pull together to help there fellow bloggers out in hard situations. It makes me very proud and happy to have been part of this and looking forward to more time with them. Reagan at Star Shadow Blog
Yes! I did not realize the community that was out there. Before I started blogging I did not pay attention to the blogging world. I love getting to know the many wonderful people out there who are all doing the same thing. We are sharing our love of reading and inspiring others to find great books. — Lisa at Bookworm Lisa
I'm always surprised and that community never stops growing. I love it. I definitely love the book discussions. I try to talk books with my friends at school and no one, except Nora (my blog buddy) knows what I'm talking about. I love it that someone knows what I am talking about. — Gina at The Bucket List
Yes, like I said, I was surprised. I didn't know this existed. The world of bo extends much further then the shelves of my local B&N and now I've found it. As for what I enjoy the most… the many bookish friends and authors I have met and all the fabulous books they have recommended to me. — Stacey at Flippin' Fabulous — A Reader's Record
I am constantly surprised at how large the book blogosphere is, and so happy to be a part of it. I don't know that I have a favorite part, but I would love to meet bloggers who are local to me and put a face to the name. I also love that I follow blogs from all over the world, but we're all reading the same types of books (in many cases, at the same time!), and we're all pa ssionate about them. I also love how *nice* everyone is--I felt so welcomed as a new blogger. -Christi at Christi the Teen Librarian Yes, I am surprised that so many people are apart of the book blogging community. I enjoy reading recommendations, reviews and author interviews. — J.L. at J.L. Jackson
Sometimes I am, I've got some book blogs I like to look at, and they make me wonder sometimes, but it's all fun. I will admit that my main reason for poking around the community, is to see what's coming up and what others think of it. There are some books that I wouldn't think twice on, that I end up getting because of what someone blogged about it. — Ellen at Silver Tabby Books
I came into the blogging community when it was already quite large. Granted, it has absolutely exploded over the past year, but I never expected that it would remain small. We all want to be heard in life, and blogging provides that forum for millions of people who used to be silent. I enjoy the sense of community and camaraderie that we have as a book blogging community. We may have our dramas and issues, but if there is someone who needs help, we will come together in a huge way and help that person. The support the community provides is amazing and never fails to perk me up on a bad day. — Michelle at That's What She Read
I was surprised at first that there were so many people online of all ages who loved reading the same books I do. I love discovering books I probably wouldn't of from other people's blogs and goodreads. — Cole at Through the Book Vine
I have been surprised with the book community, but what has surprised me most is how friendships have developed through these blogs. I posted some pictures when my grandbaby was born and received so many congratulation comments. I love that people jump in and share happy moments or offer encouragement during tough times. — Ann at Cozy in Texas
Oh my gosh I was astounded when I realized what a community this was! I love the exposure to books I might not have found on my own, or wouldn't have picked on my own, both through reviews posted on the blogs and the cool resources like NetGalley that I've discovered through other bloggers. — Cat at Cat's Thoughts
Yes! when I first started I had NO idea that the blogging community was so big, or that I would meet so many nice people who share my love of reading. — Orchid at The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia
When I started, I was aware there were book bloggers out there, but it wasn't until about six months into this gig that I realized how deep and broad that book blog universe really is. So, yes, I was very surprised by all the passion that's out there. It's so gratifying to know that all around the world, people are logging on, and spending hours upon hours writing about reading. Each new blog post written about books keeps the spirit of literature alive. It's like the flame of the Olympic torch being passed from runner to runner--we'll never let the love for books be extinguished. — David at Quivering Pen Blog
Yes, all the time! I rarely knew people in real life who enjoyed reading like I do. It’s amazing getting to know so many people in the blogging community who are as enthusiastic about books as I am. Gushing over our shared love of books and swapping recommendations are my favorite parts of blogging. — Small at Small Reviews
Oh yea, I was amazed that, as much of a bookworm as I am, I had been totally blind to the vast community of book bloggers there are on the internet. What I probably like the most is the fact that it is so big. It is so easy to find new book bloggers, even if they are not new to the community, and it is incredibly easy to locate a dozen or more reviews on just about any book that I am interested in. — Rachel at Jacob's Beloved's Books
When I realized how active the book blogging community is, I was a bit overwhelmed. How can little ol' me contribute? But everyone I met was helpful and very nice. So I was inspired to take part and interact w/ other bloggers as well
as authors, which is one of the things I enjoyed the most. Next is finding good books to read and even movies and music! — Len at Musings of a Reader Happy
I am surprised every day at how big and active the book blogging community is. I love knowing that through the good times and the bad times that there is a group I can lean on for book recommendations, a listening ear or just to share the same hobby. — Kristin at Kritters Ramblings
I am actually very surprised by the sheer size of the book community! Everywhere you turn, every book you see, there's a reviewer and a blog. I love going on Twitter and seeing all the talk about this book or that movie. The community is the biggest questionaire for all things books! The part I enjoy the most is finding out that other bloggers are just like me! You know, the"I have no idea what to write about,""why is this book that amazing?,"this series rules!" kind of people! — Nora at The Bookery
I was both astounded and more than a little daunted by the large book community of bloggers. It almost made me question whether to go forward with my blog or not. But no matter what, my opinions are mine alone. And that is what I want to share, so why not make a blog? (: — Kim at Book Munchies
I am surprised. Being in a small town, only about 6 of us teens love to read. The part I enjoy the most is being able to talk about books with a bunch of people with a bunch of opinions and discovering more and more books each day. — Lindsay at Just Another Book Addict
YES! I find new blogs on a weekly basis and I love that. I love finding new ones that have a great point of view or a book taste that is similar to my own. — Shannon at Books Devoured

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