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Blogger Question #2 — Part 3

Are you ever surprised by the large book community bloggers are apart of? What part of that do you enjoy the most?

I love reading a review about a book that I didn't even know existed and thinking,"I have to read that now!" I also love sharing new releases with others in hopes of giving debut authors a boost on their"book birthday."
-Jessie at The Daily Harrell

ISALYS: Oh God, yes!! I used to think that bookworms were an dying breed and if you were lucky enough to find another one, that you had to grab them, put them in a glass bottle and protect them from the world. It makes me so happy to know that there are still LOTS of us who love to read for the simple joy of it. Hands down, my favorite is meeting new people; bloggers and authors. I love that most authors are so connected with their fans. They're not like the typical celeb that lives in this far-away land called L.A. and are completely unreachable. I love it when you chat or meet with an author and be reminded that they're a real person. Oh, and I loveee to meet bloggers that I can just gab about books with all day long: )

VANESSA: I'm amazed EVERYDAY! Especially on twitter. I've found thousands of new blogs and absolutely love browsing through them. I honestly never thought the book blogging community was so huge! — Isalys & Vanessa at Book Soulmates
The book blogging community grows everyday and with it I meet great new people all the time. It does surprise me often at how great bloggers are, with everything from coming to the aid of others, donating their time and effort and so much more… This is a huge part of what I love about the community as a whole. If not for all the kindness I’ve found from everyone it just wouldn’t be the same. I think besides all the amazing books, this would without a doubt be the part I enjoy the most. I’ve met some great people and we’ll be friends for a long time to come. — Lisa at A Life Bound by Books
All the time! I keep finding 'new' blogs, some who have been blogging for years, but because I book blog world is so big, I never found them before. — Chris at Chrisbookaram
I love being a part of the community. I love hearing about new books — bloggers often have the inside scoop months in advance, which is great. It certainly makes my TBR pile out of the world both in length and awesome books to read. — Janenifer at YA Book Nerd
Before I started blogging I had no idea such a community even existed. So I was pretty surprised that what I thought was just a little hobby of reading, was really not that little at all. I had no idea that there were thousands of book blogs out there, or that you could talk to authors and publishers, or that their were book conferences where you could go and meet all these people. I just love being a part of this community. And the internet has made it so easy to be connected with everyone, which is probably the best part. — Jessica at The Firefly Book Loft
Yes! I had no idea this community existed until a couple of months after I started blogging. What I love the most is the support, and the love that we all share. If I'm reading something amazing, and try to talk to my IRL friends, they look at me like I'm crazy. But if I blog or tweet about it, I get tons of"I know exactly how you feel" responses! I love that! — Andye from Reading Teen
I am stunned by the book blogging community! There is such a huge range of bloggers out there; I don’t think there enough days/months/years to keep up with them all! However, the ones I do follow (there’s a big list on my blog) are all fantastic. They are all so supportive and generous! — Katelyn at Kayelyn’s Blog
Yes. I thought I was one of very few who loved books as much as I did and the internet proved me wrong! I am just so thrilled that there are others out there who share my love of all things literary! — Emma at Emma Michaels
Oh my gosh, YES! I'm amazed at the book blogging community on almost a daily basis. Everyone is so wonderful and I'm honored to be a part of it. — Theresa at Fade Into Fantasy
I think at first, I was surprised, or maybe"in awe" is a better way to describe it. The community is HUGE. I enjoy getting to know other bloggers as well as the authors. — Raenice at Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Publication
Honestly yes I am quite surprised. I had always seen reading as unique and that kind of made me feel special, which was something that was basically shot into oblivion when I started my blog and realised how many people also blogged, even today I'm still surprised by the amount. I guess it is nice that the blogging community is so large, for me it gives me the opportunity to write a negative review without particularly feeling bad because there will always be someone who writes a good review on that particular book. — Kayleigh at OnceUponABookNerd
I was really amazed when I discovered just how vast the book blogging community is – even the number of strictly YA book blogs astounded me! I really love connecting with other readers and discussing our reactions to books (whether or not we agree!) — Danya at A Tapestry of Words
I don't think I am really. I went into blogging knowing that it was a huge community because I'd been reading blogs for a while. I'd say I'm surprised at how fast the community continues to grow. The part I enjoy most is the collective voice of bloggers, alone we reach out to the number of followers who actually read our blog, but together we make an impact on the bookish world. It's nice to know you’re a part of such a close knit community. — Khadija at Black Fingernail Reviews
I’m not really surprised by the community of bloggers but more surprised by how welcoming, kind and protective bloggers are of each other. My blog started out as a very solitary thing. I had no idea there was this community of book bloggers out there but they are my lifeline. They are a constant source of recommendations and advice. I don’t read magazines or newspapers for books recommendations, I go directly to other bloggers. They have never steered me wrong. — Grace at Books Like Breathing
The list of people I follow on Twitter grows everyday as does the list of blogs I follow. But I can't possibly keep up with all of them as well as read, write and oh yeah the day job again.
I enjoy connecting with people and the sharing of hints and tips. Sharing in people's success is fun too. One book blog I really enjoy is 'Diary of a Bibliophile' — I enjoy Jesi Lea's reviews and have purchased a number of books on her recommendation (that I hope to get around to reading one day). Also the sexy angel photos are quite nice too; o) — Kirsty from Kirstyes
Yeah, it is surprising how big it is — I didn't realize it until I started blogging myself. I enjoy the convos on Twitter the most I think — some of these bloggers are hilarious and so friendly and willing to help with anything! — Michelle at Hooked on Books
I'm surprised everyday by it. It continues to grow. I love that so many people love to read and want to share it with someone else. I enjoy discussing books with people who feel the same way I do. I like meeting with people from all walks of life.
- Page at One Book at a Time
Yes! I love that there are so many people with a passion for books. There is such a phenomenal network of book readers and writers, and I love being a part of it. The best thing about book bloggers is that they are helping authors get the word out about their book. It gives authors another (cooler) option when it comes to book marketing. Pus, it is a more personal approach to book marketing, which I love.
- Bridgid at Inky Fresh Press
I really am! I mostly enjoy the support book bloggers offer each other. I'm sure it's out there, but I have never seen anything catty or obnoxious going on. — Kaitlyn at Kaitlyn in Bookland
Oh, yes! I am very surprised at the large book community, I didn't think these many people shared the same passion that I do. Mostly, I enjoy the interaction with both bloggers and authors on media sites. I love sharing my love for books for so many people and embarrassingly having"fan girl" moments when I talk to my favorite authors. — Alex at More Than Just a Book
I was very surprised in the beginning. I attended BEA last year as a new blogger and was impressed with the amount of bloggers who also attended and the enthusiam they had for blogging and reading. I enjoy most meeting new bloggers through Twitter and/or following new blogs I find through recommendations. I also like learning more about bloggers I have already met, whether it be personal or through their reviews.
-JL at An Avid Reader's Musings
Not really, maybe at first but it's been over a year now, and although I love seeing new bloggers it doesn't surprise me at all because I can completely understand why blogging is so popular and loved by many because most of us are blogging for the very same reason. Apart from sharing my thoughts on books and movies I just love talking with other book — lovers and bloggers. Finally being able to share my thoughts on books has to be the highlight of blogging for me. — Aly at Fantasy4eva

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Blogger Question #2 — Part 3 {TIME}