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The Princess and the Bear — Mette Ivie Harrison

"This is a series that has deep meaning in regards to caring for the earth and it's inhabitants, making it a great book for Earth Day." — Miss Remmers


"She is the headstrong daughter of the hound and the bear, heir to all her royal parents' magic and able to transform at will into any animal she wishes.
He is an outcast, a boy without magic, determined to make his way in the forest beholden to no one.

Though Liva and Jens are as different as night and day, from the time their paths first cross they are irresistibly drawn to one another. Each wrestles with demons: Liva with the responsibility that comes with the vast magic she's inherited, Jens with the haunting memories he's left behind. Separately, they keep a lookout for each other and for the immense snowbird whose appearances signify a dark event on the horizon.

When a terrible threat surfaces, Liva and Jens set out in an attempt to protect all they hold dear. Much is at stake—for while their failure could spell an end to all magic, their success could bring them together at last."

Upon opening this book I immediately knew this would be a book like no other. Written exceptional well with an assortment of beautiful language including metaphors and analogies, I was unable to put this book down. I didn't realize that this book was a "sequel" to "The Princess and the Hound." It's not actually a sequel, but I think it would have helped to read the "Hound" before "Bear," simply because I really had no idea what was going on for the first couple chapters. It was the beautiful imagery and language that kept me reading.

And thank goodness. This was a fantastic read (if you can't already tell how excited I am about it). Once I figured out what was going on I could not put it down. I took this to my last three interviews (including the school where I accepted the position) and couldn't shut up about it. I loved all the "mini" stories of the Bear-Killer, Wild Man, Wild Cat, etc. I put markers on these stories and after I purchase my own copy after payday, I plan on marking my own book. These are great stories that contain parables that I think every student should read. I plan on reading and developing many of these stories in my future classes. It reminded me of Native American folklore and legends that I heard growing up on the reservation.

If I had to pick something that "irked" me it would be the ending — I thought it was a little abrupt. I also didn't really pick up on the whole "love" theme and then all of a sudden it was there with three chapters left. This felt unnecessary and awkward.

The plot as a whole is a beautiful story with great meaning. I have already purchased "The Princess and the Hound" and can't wait to purchase "The Princess and the Snowbird" on May 4th. This is a series that has deep meaning in regards to caring for the earth and it's inhabitants, making it a great book for Earth Day/Week. I will have all of these books in my classroom.

Originality: 10/10
Ending: 8/10
Characters: 9/10
Plot: 10/10
My reaction/enjoyment: 10/10
Theme: 10/10
Imagery: 10/10
Setting: 5/5
Voice: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Tone: 5/5
Cover: 10/10
Overall: 96/100 A

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The Princess and the Bear — Mette Ivie Harrison + TIME