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Galley Grab — Please Return: A Love Letter

Dear Galley Grab,

It's been so long since I've last seen you. October! I came to expect you around the 17th of each month, much like a love-sick teenager. I didn't realize what I had until it was gone! The last novel I read from the Grab was "The Pledge", an utterly amazing novel that only added to my addiction. But now I'm "grabless" and am feeling the subsequent anxiety. Did I do something wrong? Did we do something wrong? In November I waited and waited — to no avail for you to appear in my inbox. As mid-December approaches, do I dare to dream? Do I dare convince myself that this is only a small "break" rather than permanent? It's hard to believe that it's only really been a month in a half; in the "big scheme" of things I guess that isn't that long. But my heart hurts for you — it yearns for you to appear in my inbox this week or next. In May at the BBC it appeared as though egalleys were here to stay. If I am being selfish is it in love's name! I miss you! I love you! Please, please Galley Grab — return to me!


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[While this letter is, of course, written in jest, really Galley Grab — please return to us.]

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Galley Grab — Please Return: A Love Letter + novel