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Blog Tour: Purpose Character Interview

I'm so happy to have 2 of my favorite characters, Alexis and Tristan, from Purpose here with me today. Thank you both for being on my blog.
I have some questions for you.

What was the first word that popped into your minds when you first saw each other?
Alexis: Beautiful. Tristan (raises an eyebrow): I don’t think it’s appropriate to say. What’s the rating on this blog? Alexis (blushes): And you say I’m incorrigible?

What are some of your favorite memories from when you were dating? Alexis: Cooking together. Tristan: Cooking? Really? Alexis: Yeah. What’s wrong with that? Tristan: It’s just so… domestic. Alexis (with a slight smile and a shrug): I think it’s sexy. Especially with you. Tristan: Hmm… I’ll have to rethink my favorite memories then. (Pauses) Nah. Still on the beach… on the boat… pretty much any time you were in a bikini. Maybe you can cook in a bikini… Alexis: Can you be serious? Tristan: I am. Alexis: (glares) Tristan: Okay, if you really want to know… darts. Alexis (blushes again): Next question, please.

You've had some hard times together as well, what advice would you give couples for ways to overcome that? Tristan: I’m not exactly the right person to be giving relationship advice. I certainly don’t deserve what I have because of anything I’ve done right or well. Alexis: Yeah, me either. It’s not like either of us have much experience. We’re still learning what works for us. But, I think, trust is a big thing for every relationship. You have to be able to trust each other. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but I think it’s necessary.

Tristan, when you first met Alexis when she was young, did you ever think you'd be where you are now? Tristan: Not at all, but not because of her age or anything else so irrelevant. For me to have a relationship with anyone was at one time unbelievable, but with someone like her… with Alexis, who she is and who she’ll become… I never expected it would come to this between us. I never knew happiness before, let alone love. And now look at us.

Alexis, you are an amazing writer. Can you explain to us what writing does for you personally? Alexis: It’s always been an escape for me, really. I’ve never felt like I belonged in this world. In my writing, I get to be someone else, feel like I’m living a different life. It’s like reading a really good book with a story that’s exactly what you want to read… but no one else has written it, so you get to.

Tristan, what did you think when Alexis finally allowed you to read one of her stories? Tristan: Well, I knew when she would finally let me read one, it would mean she really trusts me. That’s what I care about, more than anything. Alexis: You care about more than that. You read it. And admit it… you liked it. Tristan: Yeah, I did, but I’ve always known you were talented. Of course I’d like it. Alexis: Even though it’s about witches and werewolves? Tristan: You are, obviously, weirdly infatuated with the monsters. But, it’s your thing and I’ve come to accept that.

Alexis, how difficult was it to learn the truth from your mother after all these years? Alexis: I still don’t know everything. In fact, I feel like I hardly know anything at all. But what I do know… it was pretty shocking at first. To the point that I had a hard time really grasping it all as real. I mean, Tristan showed me some of his abilities and told me what he was he able to, what he’s not bound to keep secret, but it still didn’t feel real… not until Ian showed his disgusting self, anyway… and then Edmund and that… thing. I guess that’s when it really hit home that not all things in this world are as they seem.
Do you still worry that she may be hiding important things from you about your history? Alexis: Ha. Of course, she’s still hiding things. I know there’s much more to everything about us. But as I’ve been told repeatedly, I have to wait until the Ang’dora. It’s frustrating and annoying, but even Tristan won’t tell me, though I know he would if he could. They’re bound too tightly and nothing I do can break that bond, apparently. Besides, right now, I’m just concerned about us… being safe… staying together… maybe living a somewhat normal life while we can.

Tristan, what was the worst part about keeping secrets from Alexis early on? Tristan: I was trying to earn her trust. It’s kind of difficult to do when you know yourself that you’re untrustworthy. The only thing I had going for me was that she kept secrets, too. I hoped she’d understand.

Did you expect to feel so connected to Alexis immediately or did it come as a shock to you? Tristan: She definitely shocked me. Alexis (with an embarrassed giggle): I did shock you! Or you shocked me. Tristan (chuckles): Yes, that is the right word… in so many ways. I really didn’t expect anything at all, especially anything so strong, except maybe immediate abhorrence. If you look at it the way some of the others do, it all makes sense. But I, personally, don’t understand it. Our connection doesn’t make sense. Alexis: Of course it does! We’re meant to be together. That’s just how it is.
Be honest, what bugs you the most about each other? Any pet peeves? Alexis: Actually, Tristan’s so dang beautiful, it can be annoying. We can’t go anywhere without all the females gawking, like animals in heat. Between him and my mother… I don’t know who’s worse, men or women. And then everyone looks at me and you can tell by the look on their faces that they’re wondering how the heck I’m with him. Tristan: Because you deserve better. Alexis: And then there’s that. It’s like he doesn’t even notice. Sometimes I feel like he puts me on this pedestal and I’m the last person who deserves to be there. One day he’ll open his eyes and see exactly how wrong he is – about me and himself. Tristan: Oh, my eyes are open. I know what I see. But you don’t see yourself clearly, either. You have no idea what you do to people, especially to me. And your potential… I guess you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself. Alexis: And that’s another thing. How he knows things I can’t know yet. That bugs the crap out of me. Tristan: You’re talking about me like I’m not here. Alexis: Huh? Tristan: That’s one of the things about Alexis that can get to me. She can go on such a rampage sometimes, words spilling out of her mouth without realizing how absurd she’s being. It makes me laugh, though. Alexis: I’m not being absurd! How can you— Tristan: And defensive. She can be quite defensive. Alexis: (crosses her arms, opens her mouth, then closes it again) Tristan: See, she doesn’t know what to say because she knows I’m right. I like how she does that, though. It’s kind of cute. So is this. (winks) Alexis (eyes glaze over for a moment and rendered speechless) Well, this has been such a fun interview! I am so glad you could be here today Tristan *wink* … oh… and you too Alexis *clears throat* … anyways, I have a friend over at A Life Bound By Books and I know she would love to get a chance to talk to you too.
Think you can pay her a visit soon?

Alexis: Of course.

Tristan: Anything for you. *wink*

(Okay, okay… so maybe Tristan didn't actually say that last part)

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