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Blogger Question #3- Part 1

Do you like to establish relationships with authors? Do you ever have"fan-girl/boy" moments?

Yes, I think its very important to build some kind of relationship with them. Its even nicer when you actually become friends. Oh yes I have had those fan-girl moments and plan to have more soon. — Yara at Once Upon a Twilight
Not really, I do tweet reviews and occasionally I've sent fangirl (like they were FANGIRLY) emails to a few: ) I guess I'm just not cool enough to build up author rapport: P On the fangirl moments. they occur… too often: P — Audrey at holes In My brain
I love to! I actually have the"fan-girl" moments often. Any time an author I love replies on Twitter, or comments on a blog post or Facebook status, I get deliriously happy. — Amanda, Another Book Junkie
I've emailed authors with questions and chatted with them but I wouldn't nessarly call it any thing else. lol yes all the time I end up rambling to these authors before asking the question its so embarrassing. — Kate at Ghost of the still
I love talking to authors! I still totally fangirl when they reply to me on Twitter. Janenifer Echols responded to a couple of my tweets once and I about DIED!: ) I have had a few comment on blog posts and that is just as thrilling! — Missy at Two Readers Reviews

I love getting to know authors, many that I have met are fans like me and just enjoy reading and creating something for everyone to enjoy. I have had two major fan-girl moments and I know all have many more to come. One was meeting Laurell K Hamilton at comic con one year, she was super sweet and was so happy I enjoyed her writing. The other was Sherrilynn Kenyon, my goodness she was such an awesome person and we chatted a bit about those awesome Dark Hunters in her books.
- Kristen at Seeing Night Reviews
I kind of like to establish a relationship with authors. I always feel like a fan-girl. — Darla at DforDarla's Definite Reads
I like to host all kinds of events on the blog, and feature new authors, so with time I build a relationship with a couple of authors. Living so far away, I can't attend signings which really saddens me, but at least my favorite authors are easily reachable through internet =) I'm a complete fan girl for Richelle Mead, Jeaniene Frost, Cassandra Clare & Rachel Vincent, to name only these, but I try to tone it down when talking to them haha. — Tynga at Tynga's Review

I’ve really only met one author. Maria V. Snyder just happened to have a book signing for her first book (Poison Study) at the gift shop where I was working. She was super nice and so down to earth and I thought it would be neat to have a signed book so I bought one without ever having heard of her. I’ve been hooked ever since. I have all of her books (signed) as do my mom, grandma and quite a few friends. I guess you could say if I have one on one contact with an author (and if I like their writing) I have more loyalty to them and I’m more likely to read/buy all of their books rather than just a book here and there. I think I’m also more likely to encourage my family/friends to check them out. My fan-girl moment happened a couple weeks ago at one of Maria’s book signings. I hadn’t been to one of her signings for a while so I had a backlog of books to get signed for me and my family. I walked into the signing with a bag full of books… literally a grocery bag FULL, haha. She was awesome and was totally fine with signing them all! — Jane at At Random

I do! But I also fear that I might be viewed as a pest trying to establish a relationship (not for free goodies purposes) so I tend to get really shy even when trying to write an email. But I have established relationships with a few indie authors and I love talking to them! Oh, have I ever had a fan-girl moment! Everytime I get a tweet/comment/email from an author about my blog or review or responding to a tweet I get those moments. I can't help but feel overjoyed.
- Aimee at Coffee Table Press
I love getting to know authors. My favorite of all is Maria V. Snyder--I feel like I've known her my whole life! My weakest-kneed fan-girl moments are definitely elicited by Neil Gaiman--whom I've never actually met because whenever he's around I get a totally irrational fear response and run the other way. Someday I will actually be in the same place with him at the same time, and retain my composure long enough not to embarrass myself… yeah. Someday. — Alethea at Read Now Sleep Later

My blog is fairly new, so I don't have any relationships with authors, but I have fan-girl moments all the time. If an author re-tweets my review or responds to a comment I made on their blog, I nearly faint with excitement. — Jessica at Brief Book Reviews
I would like to and I think I have while preparing book tours for some of them. I admire their strengths and individuality. They are all an inspiration to me as they have followed their dreams and made them come true. A lot of the authors I do reviews for are self-published, which seems to be a growing trend. — Shirley at My Bookshelf
got a note from Kathi Appelt thanking me for highlighting her book and hosting a giveaway. I was soooooo excited! — Jill at The O.W.L
This hasn't been one of my main objectives, though when it happens, it's amazing. The first time an author replied to me on Twitter I think my heart nearly beat out of my chest. I'm totally a fangirl, but my ultimate freak out would be if I ever got to talk to Sarah Dessen. — Ashley at Book Labyrinth
I want to, but I'm always afraid that I'll come across as being stupid or boring or just say things that they've heard a thousand times before. I do like talking to authors, though, when I get the guts to. It's fun to have a little bit of a brush with greatness. And yes, I fangirl, but not to the authors themselves. I fangirl on the inside, though! — Ria at Bibliotropic
Oh, definitely! If you can't tell already, I love authors. I have extreme fan-girl moments, especially when they talk about upcoming books. — Lucia at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books
My twitter stream often has authors talking back and forth with me. This week I @'ed with Kiersten White of the Paranormalcy series, anytime I talk to her I go all fan girl. — Rie at Mission to Read
To be honest, I'm still a bit scared to talk to authors. I've spoken to some on twitter though and once Julie Kagawa responded to a tweet I sent to her which promoted a small freak out dance… on my wheeley chair… yep, that ended well, but I was happy! The few I've actually worked up the guts to talk to are crazy nice though! I love how easy twitter makes approaching authors, it really slams home the idea that they are actually people too (which I sometimes forget in my giddiness). — Lisa at BaffledBooks
I never thought I would, and then it was happening accidentally. Now it's one of my favourite things about the blogging experience. So far my most embarrassing fan-girl moment was when I met Suzanne Collins. I was nearly incoherent and I'm not even positive what I said, but I think it was something like"I can't believe you're here, I love these books". Hahahahah! — Rhiannon at The Diary of a Bookworm
I follow authors on Twitter mostly, but I've never really tried to talk to them too much, I think I'm still a little overwhelmed with the fact that I 'can' talk to them at all. I've totally had fan-girl moments, every time an author follows me or replies to me on Twitter I totally freak out, and I have a smile that last for at least half an hour.; ) I'm also friends with some authors on Facebook.: ) — Ambur at Burning.x.Impossibly.x. Bright
I haven't actually established any relationships with authors, I email from time to time asking some questions but I'm not close to any of them. Sad I know. I definitely have fan-girl moments when someone like Lauren Oliver (Delirium) emails me back! — Katie at Books are Dreams
At this point I like having a professional relationship with authors. I do have the"fan girl" moments. Last year I met James Patterson and I think I blacked out during it because I was so nervous. LOL. — Kate at I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read!
Before I started blogging I didn't really think that it was possible to establish relationships with authors. To me, authors were these people who wrote the amazing books I read but weren't necessarily people I had a chance to talk to or connect with. I always find it amazing when an author comments on my review of their book and I basically start squealing in front of my computer screen. And if I get the chance to meet them in person it's even better. Unfortunately there aren't that many authors who come to my area though. — Emilie at Emilie Book World
I have had more opportunities to connect with writers on a writing level than as a reader, however, I did have a squealy fan-girl moment with Miriam Toews. She is so cool. She seemed so young, all jean-jacket and sunglasses on her head, then she mentioned she just dropped her daughter of at university. I also had a lovely correspondence with Steve Heighton for a while.He was very encouraging of my work, really kind to a newbie. When I finally did meet him, I was pretty nervous."I'm just a regular guy," he said. Yeah, sure, a regular guy who can write poetry and short stories like no other. — Kim at Fresh Fish and Foolishness

I haven't established too many author relationships. I'd love to do more and I'm working towards having interviews and such on my blog. I may not act like a 'fan-girl' to their face, but when I have a signed copy of their book, my friends and family must definitely consider it a fan-girl moment. — Jackie at Teen Book Guide

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