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Before the Bell Rings 10.16.10

How my morning went:

Wake up. Throw myself out of bed.

Sheila: Oh, you can go back to bed.
Me: Okay. Boom, hit the bed.

20 minutes later.

Wake up. Throw myself out of bed. Do the morning routine. Go down to breakfast. Come back up to the fourth floor with a mysterious uniformed soldier in the elevator, make an awkward elevator moment comment, drop Sheila's muffin (not code for anything), sit down to eat my bagel.

Sheila: Blog! I need to get a picture of you blogging.
Me: Okay.

Sit down to write an unknown post.

Sheila: Really, what are we going to do about your blog's name (see engagement) ? I'm obsessed with this. Maybe we could just cross out Miss and put Mrs.

Wait a moment.

Sheila: Oh no, that won't work. We'd have to cross out Remmers too.
Me: It's a hot mess.
Sheila: Oo! We could call it Hot Mess!!
Me: Maybe...

So... it's been exactly a week since the engagement. We have booked the church, the reception area, the caterer, and the photographer. I feel like we have all the major bases covered — at least for a while. Now I have been presented a new dilemma: my online identity is "Miss Remmers." My email, my blog (obviously), my Twitter, all the forums, all the groups — I am Miss Remmers.

What do I do when I'm Mrs. Urbanec in eight months. Do I change it all? Will people get it? Do I come up with a different blog name, like "hot mess?" If I leave it as is, in five years when people (or students) don't necessarily remember that I was once a Remmers, will they get confused with my loss of identity?

It's so confusing!

What do you think? Here are some of the one's I came up with:

  • Hot Mess (inspired by Sheila)
  • Identity Crisis — The Reading Adventures of a Miss turned Mrs.
  • No Name
  • I Blog About Books — Not My Loss of Identity?
  • Do You Know Who I Am? I Don't.
  • Mrs. Urbanec's Review
  • The Book Urbalation

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Before the Bell Rings 10.16.10 + review