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City of Bones — Cassandra Clare

This week I welcome Cassie from Happy Book Lovers as this weeks Guest Reviewer.

Going to a party can often change your life. You may find someone to fall in love with, someone to fall out of love with, what you don't usually expect is to discover something which puts everything you thought you knew about yourself in doubt. When Clary finds herself at Pandemonium, it's just another night, another night of teenage fights with her mother, of wrestling with the mating habits of your peers, that is until Clary witnesses a murder. But this is no ordinary murder, the corpse vanishes and it appears that only Clary can see the killers...
Clare created an unimaginable world, yet at the same time made it so touchable. I had the same eerie feeling when reading Scott Westerfeld's books; that feeling that somewhere in the world, this could really happen. I read this in little over twenty-four hours, and am currently dying as the library doesn't have the second copy in.
One of the most memorable traits was how flawed the characters were. It was, of course, in a good way, allowing them to change allegiances freely. This, in turn, made the plot totally unpredictable, and I will be the first to admit I was shocked by the ending. I also loved Alec. I loved him. He was one of those not-mentioned-a-whole-lot people that I fell in love with, despite his petty love life. I also loved how recent issues were brought into the novel (I won't give it away), making the entire thing seem so much more realistic, contributing to that creepy-factor I mentioned earlier.


Again, Cassie, thank you so much for this awesome review! I've never heard of this book and I'm definitely going to add it to my list! Thanks!

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City of Bones — Cassandra Clare + TIME