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Interview & Giveaway: Embrace by Cherie Colyer

Cherie Colyer is here today to talk about her debut novel Embrace. This is a book that I am super excited to read and 3 lucky readers will get the opportunity to check it out as well.

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1. In Embrace, a lot has happened and Madison is struggling with all the changes, can you tell us a little of what she is dealing with when we meet her character?
We meet Madison in October. She’s a junior in high school, single for the first time since freshman year, and learning to accept the fact that one of her friends returned from summer break with an unfounded hatred toward her. Madison manages to keep her chin up though: staying in touch with her ex who now lives in another state, pretending she doesn’t hate her English class, being the woman of the house, and doing her best to avoid any more changes in her life. When Madison’s best friend tells her that her life’s about to change, Madison is less than thrilled to find out what’s next.
2. There seems to be a lot of mystery in this book. What are 3 words you would use to describe the story?
Fast-paced thriller
3. Tell us a little about Issac.

Isaac’s the mysterious new guy who’s caught more than just Madison’s eye. He’s a senior, six-foot-some, brown hair, velvet brown eyes, and he’s a guy with a secret. It’s the things he doesn’t say out loud that have Madison questioning if he’s right for her. He’s a strong male who knows how to handle himself. Being brought up by parents who know exactly who he his has allowed him to sharpen his abilities. I don’t want to say much more or I’ll give away his secret, but I will say you don’t want to get on his bad side.
4. Embrace is your debut novel. What has been the most surprising part of being a debut author?
I’m going to have to say just how many things have to be done to successfully launch a book. There are so many steps that a novel goes through from the time an author signs the contract to when the book is released and just as many people involved. It can be a bit overwhelming, but I had a wonderful editorial staff, an amazing marketing team that made sure nothing fell through the cracks, and the support of fellow authors to lean on for moral support and guidance.
5. I saw that you are working on a few new projects right now. Can you tell us a bit about them?
I’d love to. I’m currently working on a sequel for Embrace. Madison and her friends will be back, facing new threats and new supernatural elements they’ll have to defeat. I recently finished writing a teen paranormal thriller about a brother and sister who have been Chosen by otherworldly beings to be unwilling participants in a celestial battle that threatens to tear their relationship apart by forcing them to fight on opposite sides. Having both heaven and hell watching their every move is bad enough, but it’s the lengths these siblings are willing to go to save the other that puts them in the greatest danger of all. And last but not least, my middle grade ghost story follows four friends as they search for ghosts, confront their fears, and find the inner-strength needed to face the unknown.

Embrace by Cherie Colyer
Publisher: Omnific Publishing (December 20th, 2011)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Paperback: 222 pages
Madison is familiar enough with change, and she hates everything about it. Change took her long-term boyfriend away from her. It caused one of her friends to suddenly hate her. It's responsible for the death of a local along with a host of other mysterious happenings. But when Madison meets a hot new guy, she thinks her luck is about to improve.Madison is instantly drawn to the handsome and intriguing Isaac Addington. She quickly realizes he's a guy harboring a secret, but she's willing to risk the unknown to be with him.Her world really spins out of control, however, when her best friend becomes delusional, seeing things that aren't there and desperately trying to escape their evil. When the doctors can't find the answers, Madison seeks her own.Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to discover.Dangerous, intoxicating, and darkly romantic, Embrace is a thriller that will leave you spellbound.


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